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+ 387 (0)63 313 140 ( Sandra)

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tel.: 063.313.140( Sandra )

Radno vrijeme: od 16 do 20 sati.




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25 Oct

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Studio Leonardo

Studio LeonardoKad niste zadovoljni prosječnim. Onda kad želite samo najbolje.

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web Studio Leonardo

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Studio Leonardo

ul. Kneza Višeslava bb, zgrada ORCA, 88000 Mostar

tel.: 063.997.996


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Template Features

EcoSpa is the Ultimate Template for Businesses in Service Related Industries.

From Hair Salons & Spas, to Dentists & Doctors offices, EcoSpa provides a Clean and Professional look for Your Business!

Offering so much more than a basic template, EcoSpa comes complete with our custom Appointment Book component to handle all your appointment setting needs. In Addition to the Appointment Book we have included our Primetime Slideshow, K2 Content Wall, and many other custom JoomlaXTC extensions.We have also included one of the most popular 3rd party extensions - K2 with custom a themes for K2!

EcoSpa is feature packed with some of the hottest advancements in CSS styling including CSS3 shadowing control (not available in IE 7-8 currently, only IE9!). The multiple styles and region and column control create much more than just a basic template.

Packaged with the new JoomlaXTC XTC Framework template system delivering complete control over the template styles, from Width Adjustments, Region and Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout, and 10 custom styles template control has never been easier.

* For Club members only: To bring this full business package together EcoSpa comes with a full PSD collection of Print Ready Advertising - From Business Cards, Flyers, and more!


Template Features:
  • CSS3 Design
  • X Template Framework
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • 32 Module Positions
  • 26+ Stock Module Suffix Styles
  • 3 Mootools based Menu Styles - Suckerfish - Dropline - DualFish
  • Mulitple Layout Options
  • RTL / LTR Support
  • Multi Column Design
  • Custom Joomla Content CSS Style YooTheme Overides
  • Commented source files for user friendly customization
  • Cross Browser Support for IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.
JXTC Extensions:
  • Appointment Book RC1
  • K2 Content Wall
  • X Menu Plugin
  • Deluxe NewsPro
3rd Party Extensions:
  • K2
Package Includes:
  • JoomlaXTC EcoSpa J1.7 Jumpstart Install +
  • JoomlaXTC EcoSpa J1.7 XTC Template
  • K2 EcoSpa Template
  • EcoSpa PSD Graphic Source Files
  • EcoSpa Extensions
  • PSD Print Ready EcoSpa Advertising Package

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